Benefits of Salt-Free Formulations

Gentle Cleansing. Salt-free formulations are made without sodium chloride that can be harsh and drying for textured hair. Salt-free shampoos provide gentle cleansing, while still effectively removing oil and product buildup without stripping away the natural hair oils.

Scalp Health. Since the salt-free formulations are more gentle and mild, they are ideal for individuals with sensitive scalps. They can reduce dryness and irritation and promote an overall healthier scalp environment.

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Good to Know

  • 15.7%

    rise in interest

    of individuals searching for textured hair beauty products

    *according to a mintel report
  • salt-free

    is one of the more popular options linked to being beneficial for textured hair

Want to start your journey to mild, salt-free formulating?

Here are the ingredients we recommend:

  • mild, easy to use, cold process and salt-free blend