“Here at Innospec, Iselux® is one of our favourite products to work with. What more can a formulator want? Iselux® is mild, sulfate-free, easy to formulate with liquid and solid formats available. The ever-growing demand for sustainable formats puts Iselux® in the spotlight as the perfect ingredient. We have a whole world of solid formulations that feature Iselux® and I personally love buying a beauty product with Iselux®, as I know it will provide the gentle cleansing I look for in a product.”


Lucy Wardropper, Personal Care Marketing Manager 

Good to know

Here are some statistics to show how formulators love to work with Iselux®

  • 2009+

    Iselux® product family

    now has 10 grades

  • 1528


    feature Iselux®

  • 540+

    shower products

    contain Iselux®

  • 180+

    facial cleansers

    have been formulated with Iselux®

  • 100+


    now use Iselux® in their formulations

  • 3000+


    have been launched containing Iselux®

  • 3

    unique ready-made,

    concentrated blends are including in the Iselux® range

Try Iselux® in your formulation today

Try Iselux® in your formulation today

Iselux® is innovative and provides endless opportunities to create crystal-clear liquids and sustainable, solid formulations, without compromising on luxurious cleansing. Imagine ultra-mild, clear shampoos, shower gels, hand and facial cleansers that easily generate dense creamy lather and long-lasting foam. ISELUX® is the clear solution for luxurious foam and the ingredient of choice for many formulators around the world today.

Why choose Iselux® for your formulation?

  • Water soluble and derived from natural feedstocks
  • Mild, primary isethionate surfactant
  • Can be used as a secondary surfactant to boost performance
  • Easy to formulate liquid and solid formulations.
  • Broad pH benefits
  • Superior flash foaming
  • Dense, long-lasting, creamy foam
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Cost effective, lower active formulations achievable
  • Clear or structured systems achievable
  • Highly naturally derived range
  • RSPO Mass Balance grades available
  • Coconut grades available

Want to start your journey to mild, luxurious formulating?

Here are the ingredients we recommend:

  • Unique, sulfate-free isethionate surfactant in flake form. 80% naturally derived. To ensure a crystal-clear clarity in your formulation, a chelant such as our Natrlquest® E30 should be used in combination with Iselux®.

  • Grade derived from coconut, flake form.

  • Liquid grades of Iselux® with different offerings of preservatives. We offer a grade named Iselux® LQ-CLR-SB, preserved with sodium benzoate and Iselux® LQ-CLR-PE, preserved with phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone.

  • Unique, sulfate-free isethionate surfactant in flake form, uses Cocoyl INCI name

  • Concentrated blend, also available as Iselux® SFS-SB, preserved with sodium benzoate. Simply add water to dilute and salt to thicken, to develop stable systems delivering dense, mild, creamy lather

  • Cold process, concentrated blend. Perfect for formulating structured, sulfate-free products where high levels of oils and/or silicones, or suspended benefitting agents are desired

  • Concentrated blend for ultra-mild applications. Developed for use in cleanser applications where an ultra-mild formulation is desired. Features an extremely low irritancy profile to protect delicate skin and eyes.