“We are experts in this category and have been developing hair care formulations with different ingredient combinations, for many years. Maintaining healthy hair requires an effective, mild shampoo to remove dirt, sebum and pollution, followed by a range of conditioning type treatments to provide various ‘healthy’ benefits such as manageability, stylability, volume, soft feel, damage protection and shine. We have many formulations in our collections to help you create something special.”


Sarah Glynn, Applications Chemist Personal Care

Good to know

Hair care is a focus category for beauty and since the pandemic, people are taking more care of their hair:

  • 2020

    Mintel identified

    gaps for scalp focused innovation for hair care

  • 39%

    of US hair product users

    are interested in clean and mild products

  • 2019

    over 16%

    of hair care products launched globally had the claim ‘anti-dandruff’, up 4% from 2015

  • 4x

    longer lasting shampoos

    made when the merge of sustainability and hair and concentrated shampoo bottles

  • 90%+

    of people

    agree that scalp care can improve their hair health

Create an effective formulation that ticks all the boxes

Create an effective formulation that ticks all the boxes

Scalp care is becoming increasingly popular in the world of hair care. Many brands are now developing hair care products that talk about scalp health as well as hair health, making scalp care and skin care merge. There has been an ever-growing trend in hair care products that mention scalp care in their product marketing. Here are Innospec we are perfectly placed to provide formulators with scalp and hair health related formulations and tips on how to use the ingredients in the right combination, for maximum effect. Our mild, sulfate-free ingredients makes formulating to meet this huge trend, really simple.

Want to create a ground breaking hair care and scalp care formula?

Here are the ingredients we recommend:

  • Unique, sulfate-free Isethionate surfactant range that is 80% naturally derived. It produces a dense, creamy lather with high flash foam for a luxurious shower experience. It is a mild, low irritation surfactant, ideal for sensitive skin with excellent water solubility for use in crystal clear systems. Iselux® SCMI is readily biodegradable and derived from natural resources with a pH stability range 5.0–9.0 providing a flexible formulating experience and preservative compatibility freedom

  • Unique, 80% naturally derived, sulfate-free sarcosinate surfactant range that is stable over a wide pH range of 3.0 – 11.0. Pureact LSR produces dense lather and aids foam stability that can be used in clear formulations and is an ideal co-surfactant

  • Sulfate-free, mild, 86% naturally derived, taurate surfactant that is stable across a broad pH range. Pureact MS-CG is preservative-free and is based on soy, with low odor and low color long-chain viscosity building

  • The answer to today’s formulators’ needs. Pureact GLT is the newest member of the Innospec ingredient family, it is sulfate-free, mild, 100% natural derived, COSMOS approved, preservative-free, fossil carbon-free with RSPO mass balance grades available

  • Part of Innospec’s betaine surfactant range, this ingredient is 68% naturally derived and great for use in shampoos, body washes and baby care, it offers excellent compatibility with anionic, non-ionic and cationic surfactant and is stable over a wide pH range. RSPO mass balance and COSMOS approved grades available

  • Unique, award winning, biodegradable chelating agent that offers effective preservative potentiation and is used in many trusted brands, globally today. It is an excellent transition metal chelation in presence of hard water and prevents radical formation from transition metal ions and peroxide. Natrlquest® E30 is unlike many other chelants, it is the overall best alternative to EDTA amongst biodegradable chelants