“Innovation for us is all about coming up with the next generation of ground-breaking technologies to deliver sustainable, green solutions. Our new team in disruptive technology will drive growth in the sustainability space, looking at raw material feedstocks, bio-based polymers and how to drive the use of solids, powders and concentrates to reduce plastic packaging.”


Bruce McDonald, President

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Did you know?

here are some statistics that are driving consumers to think more sustainability in beauty care

  • 8m

    pieces of plastic pollution

    find their way into our oceans every day

  • 100,000

    marine animals

    are killed annually by plastic pollution

  • 1m+

    plastic bags

    end up in the trash every minute

  • 381m


    in plastic waste annually

  • 47%

    of consumers

    are concerned about plastic pollution

    (according to Mintel)
Blue Ocean Formulations

Blue Ocean Formulations

The Blue Ocean line consists of 8, ground-breaking formulations ranging from single use discs, powders, hair and body bars and products with dissolvable packaging. All of which have been designed to inspire you with your next formulating project aimed at a more sustainable future.

Our promise to you when developing an innovative, sustainable formulation:

  • we can offer a variety of concentrated ingredients and solid formulations that require less water, plastic and packaging
  • we provide ingredients that are easier to rinse and require less water during use
  • we offer concentrated ingredients and formulation solutions to reduce transportation costs
  • we provide support and inspiration for packaging such as aluminum and recyclable options for environmentally friendly products

Want to start your journey to a more sustainable future?

Check out the Blue Ocean Formulation Line: