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Sun Care

Safe, smooth, sun-kissed skin

Consumer understanding of the potential hazards of exposure to the sun is greater than ever before. Protecting skin from harmful UV rays and preventing burning play a big part in many consumers’ personal care regimes.

Developing sun care products that provide the levels of protection consumers require, are easy-to-use and feel light on the skin can be challenging.

That’s where our range of chemicals for sunscreens can help.

We offer solubilizers, dispersing agents and chelating agents designed to ensure the critical active components in sun care products are combined suitably, protected and delivered correctly.

  • Finsolv® solubilizers combine stability and emolliency with a light, non-greasy feel
  • Dispersun dispersing agents stabilize inorganic filters in sunscreens, aiding UV absorption for high SPF applications and disperse active pigments evenly
  • Natrlquest® chelating agents prevent discoloration and malodor

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