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Solubilizers And Emollients

The vital components

Invaluable to every formulator, solubilizers and emollients provide optimum texture and functionality in:

  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Sun care
  • Antiperspirants + deodorants
  • Color cosmetics

Our solubilizers and emollients provide excellent solubilization properties with maximum tactile appeal.

Finsolv® – the flagship emollient

  • Best in class ingredient
  • Exceptional functionality in mild, stable formulations
  • Light, non-greasy feel
  • Excellent wetting properties for high pigment loading
  • Good solubilizer of sunscreens and other actives
  • Improves transparency in AP/DO applications
  • Ten products to choose from

Activemol aliphatic esters – feel the difference

  • Distinct after-feel
  • Silky texture in creams and moisturizers
  • Smooth glossy shine in hair care products

Our range includes:

Aliphatic Esters

Our unique Activemol aliphatic esters offer alternative options for a distinct after-feel. For a silky texture in creams and mosturizers or a smooth, glossy shine in hair care products, Activemol provides the perfect solution.

Benzoate Esters

Best in class Finsolv® benzoate esters combine exceptional functionality with a light, non-greasy feel. With over ten products to choose from,Finsolv® is the ingredient of choice for mild but ighly emollient and stable formulations.

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