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Household, Industrial & Institutional

Household, Industrial & Institutional

Leading in detergent performance with innovative chelation technology

Our Household, Industrial and Institutional (HI&I) team develops innovative chelation solutions for a variety of highly competitive and fast changing sectors.

The markets we serve demand innovative technology that continuously improves performance while delivering a lower environmental impact.

With well-established expertise and knowledge of detergents and the role of chelating agents, we develop flexible, market-leading solutions.

Delivering high performance

Chelants support the overall performance of cleaning formulations by binding or solvating metal ions during the washing process. This helps protect against peracid decomposition in a cleaning system, and supports the breakdown of common soils and stains.

Our highly successful Enviomet™ solutions are readily biodegradable and powerful chelating agents based on ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid ([S, S] EDDS).

EDDS is a uniquely effective solution for inclusion in applications where metal ion control is required, due to its highly selective binding activity. Unlike comparable phosphonate-based chelating agents, it specifically targets transition metal ions – such as iron, copper and manganese.

These ions are responsible for a variety of undesirable effects in the washing process, including peroxide decomposition, oxidization, malodors and free radical generation.

By targeting transitional metal ions, EDDS is particularly effective at eliminating their detrimental effects and simultaneously support peracid stability and release, ensuring improved cleaning performance.

Groundbreaking green chemistry

We are world leaders in green chemistry and offer bespoke solutions to support manufacturers in creating products with lower carbon footprints.

Many commonly used chelanting agents, such as EDTA, DTPMP and HEDP, are not readily biodegradable. Our Eco-Label approved and REACH compliant solutions combine high performance with rapid biodegradability, minimizing environmental impact.

Unlike other chelants, they are also free from NTA, formaldehyde, cyanide and phosphorous. With increasing restrictions on the use of non-biodegradable chelants and phosphorous content in formulations, our solutions can help formulators stay ahead of upcoming global regulatory requirements.

Flexible solutions

Wherever transition metal ion control is required, our customers can rely on us to deliver highly effective solutions to meet their exacting requirements.

Our product is available in liquid (Enviomet C140) form.


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